How we think

We are an integrated architectural and interior design studio that focuses on the creation of holistic architectural environments that are site specific, intelligent, haptic and respond to the human condition. with passion + joy.

We believe architecture should engage simultaneously – through a process of discovering and discarding, analyzing and synthesizing, inventing and resolving – a sense of meaning and an appreciation of ideas via the sensory reality of the material world, through the medium of art .

 Architecture, and indeed all art, is the bridge between physical and the metaphysical experiences, completing the human condition. We believe in creatively intelligent design. Design as the fusion of essential, creative ideas with the technologies at hand.

A process that is informed by the human fundamentals of contemporary living, galvanized through sensitivity to the logic of the site and the possibilities of spatial enclosure.Through innovative spatial manipulation, within an Environmentally Sustainable Design [ESD] framework, concepts of beauty, practicality, freedom, culture and dwelling are explored and enabled.

 We aim to celebrate life with a diversity of rich materiality and forms that speak to freedom and light. It can be summarized by what we call ‘archi technological complementarity’- the fusion of essential creative ideas with the technologies at hand– informed by the human fundamentals of contemporary living and realized through a sensitivity to the generative features of site and the possibilities of spatial enclosure.

 Formal concepts of organic fragmentation + heterogeneous complementarities are explored through careful contextual interrogation, spatial manipulation + considered materiality, simultaneously informed by ontological notions of edifice and the joy of dwelling within the human condition.

 Ultimately we strive for renewal, through a mixture of classical compositions, cutting edge technology and traditional constructional methods, to achieve the creation of inviting, intelligent buildings with a sculptural presence.

 Every project is an opportunity for a new alternative approach to ideas of dwelling and happiness. Philosophically, it focuses on architecture that explores the poetic + phenomenological possibilities of space – with the careful use of proportion, light and materials – edifying the human condition within a specific site context and the realities of contemporary living, with imagination and joy.


In practical terms:


We believe that traditional building forms can no longer responsibly address our new environmental concerns or spatial requirements, under-utilizing our current knowledge of science and technology and therefore, rather than copying and repeating existing styles, the office pursues fresh approaches that centre on quality driven, ‘outside-the-box’, design solutions that are innovative, un-apologetic, have presence, strongly address environmental concerns and that ultimately lift the spirit by beautifying spatial and functional organizations .

Our architecture strives to achieve a place of memory and joy. All materials are explored for their ability to transform space into place.

On a personal level, we strive to bring to all our projects energy, pragmatism and Enthusiasm.On more than one level, we aim to put “fun back into [fun]ction”.

The office’s focused approach was showcased in the traveling exhibition, “40 up – australian architectures next generation” which showcased work of 40 emerging small offices selected from around Australia with our LIlli Pilli house.


                                        “without a focused respect for context, there cannot be a sustainable solution.“